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Wasp Solitaire

Wasp Solitaire is a fun and challenging solitaire game that shares some similarities with Scorpion Solitaire and Yukon Solitaire. Here’s a basic guide on how to play Wasp Solitaire:


The objective of Wasp Solitaire is to build four stacks of cards, each for one suit, in ascending order from ace to king.


  • The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • 49 cards are dealt into 7 columns of 7 cards each. The first three columns are dealt face down, and the remaining four columns are dealt face up.
  • The remaining 3 cards are set aside to form the stock.


  • You can move cards between columns if the cards are in descending order and of the same suit. For example, you can place a 6 of hearts on a 7 of hearts.
  • Unlike in some other solitaire games, in Wasp Solitaire, you can move any face-up card, not just the bottom one, to another pile if the move follows the rule of descending order and matching suit. When you move a card, every card on top of it moves along as part of the same stack.
  • When you uncover a face-down card, it is flipped and becomes available for play.
  • Spaces that are emptied can be filled with any card or sequence of cards.
  • The stock can be used to add an additional card to each column when you run out of moves.

Winning the Game:

You win Wasp Solitaire by building four suit-specific foundation piles starting with aces and ending with kings. Unlike some solitaire variations, there are no designated spots for these foundations; the game is won once all cards are arranged into four sorted sequences within the tableau itself.


  • Prioritize uncovering face-down cards to give yourself more options.
  • Be strategic about when to use the stock. It’s often best to wait until you’re sure you have no other moves left.
  • Emptying a column can be very powerful, as it allows you greater flexibility in moving cards around.

Wasp Solitaire requires a mix of skill, strategy, and sometimes a bit of luck. Enjoy playing!