Parkour Block 5

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Parkour Block 5

Put your agility and skill to the test in Parkour Block 5. This follow-up to the renowned platform game presents a formidable challenge, featuring 60 fresh levels, novel platforms endowed with unique mechanics, and three distinct gaming modes that demand your unwavering concentration. Leap from one block to the next, aiming to swiftly reach each level’s exit portal while avoiding plunging into the scorching lava. In the classic mode, you can explore the levels at your own pace, and should you err, you’ll reset to the course’s outset. The speedrun mode transforms the experience into a race against time, pushing you to conquer all levels as swiftly as possible. The hardcore mode is exclusively designed for the boldest players, as it hurls levels at you in a random sequence, and each demise restarts your journey from the very first level!