Hallo Ween Smashy Land

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Hallo Ween Smashy Land

In Hallo Ween Smashy Land you need to kill enemy pumpkins and secure face blocks. The purpose of each level is to collect the face block(s) in the purple crate and not let them land anywhere else or touch the pumpkin blocks. Clicking on the purple blocks will cause them to disappear, and clicking on the block pumpkins or block faces will cause them to become round. In order to clear the level, you need to figure out the right way to interact with the blocks so only the face block falls into the crate. For each level, the fewer moves you execute, and the faster you finish, the more stars you get. As you progress, the levels become harder, adding more blocks that make solving the puzzle harder. Play now and see if you can get through all 24 levels.