Funny Battle Simulator

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Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator is a fun game where you can test your ability to control soldiers. There is an upcoming war in a colosseum with a lot of enemies, and the player is fully in control of the space. You must devise your strategy in the battle to win. As players master a large army of soldiers, they will experience fierce combat with non-stop killing. The large number of dead soldiers can be confusing to the player.

There is a different arrangement of the enemy’s battle terrain at each level. In order to plan your battle, take into consideration the formation and weapon type. Both sides have equal numbers of soldiers, and the number of armies on your side is limited to that number. The total force is also limited. If you choose soldiers with a strong attack ability, the number of soldiers will be smaller. As well as considering the number and type of soldiers to be reasonable, the position in which your troops are placed is also important. For example, soldiers with bows and arrows should not stand too close to the battle line or too close to the enemy, otherwise they will be defeated fast and sacrifice will be a waste. Battle tactics will show your level!