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Become a wizard and uncover the mysteries of Elvenar, a free-to-play MMO browser game developed by InnoGames. Create a beautiful city by choosing between elves and humans. As you constantly build, expand, and develop your realm, you’ll discover a world of magic and mystery. Money, happiness of your citizens, generated supplies, and the strength of your army are all intertwined. The resources you gather, the trade you engage in with other players, and the ancient technologies you research determine how your city advances.

Establish the most efficient economic system you can and build the most beautiful city! Your city’s productivity and appearance can be improved by upgrading almost every building in Elvenar. Explore the hidden areas around your settlement and uncover both riches and dangers. Discover new technologies and gain knowledge from your wise ancestors on the vast World Map. Gain production boosts by trading or fighting for powerful relics. The choice is yours: become a skilled trader, refine your skill at producing art, or lead your troops to victory in battle in the world of Elvenar!