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Candy Challenge

Oh no! The candy shop’s candy jars are all empty. To refill the candy jars, you must use mathematical reasoning to place the candy in the correctly priced jars. Time to take on a candy challenge!

With your mouse, select a candy. You will be able to see the piece you selected and other candies of the same type highlighted in yellow. In this exercise, you will determine how much one piece of candy costs. You may use hints at each level to figure out the per-piece cost of the candy. Select the jar with the same price as the candy you selected. Upon correct guessing, the candy should appear. There is a possibility that you will see that candy again in another puzzle, but you will already know how much it costs. There will be levels where you will be asked to figure out how much an entire candy package costs. Enter the total on the number pad after adding up the costs of each piece. Do you think you can place all 30 pieces of candy correctly?