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Australian Patience

The objective of the Australian Patience solitaire game is to transfer all the cards from the tableau piles to the foundations by suit, in ascending order from Ace to King. At the beginning of the game, upturned cards are dealt to each of the tableau piles. The foundations are located above the tableau piles, and the discard pile is situated on the left of the foundations. The remaining cards are placed downturned on the left of the discard pile as the stockpile.

The cards on the tableau piles need to be built down by suit. You can move a group of cards to another tableau pile if the move connects a card to an immediately higher-ranking card of the same suit. For instance, you can move a group that starts with an Ace of spades to another tableau pile with a King of spades. The other cards within the group can be of any suit and sequence. However, only a King can be moved to an empty tableau pile.

Every card that is transferred to the foundation results in a point. You may click the stock pile to deal a new card, but it is important to note that no redeal is allowed. The game concludes when the stock pile is exhausted, and no further moves are feasible. Optimize the use of the stockpile to win the game swiftly and earn bonus points.